About this blog

The homonym is a shibboleth.  Which is to say that the title of this blog is a password for true Concordians, who know that in local pronunciation the accent of Thoreau’s name falls on the first and not the second syllable.  So pronounce it “Thoroughly Yours.”

Steve Satullo is from Cleveland OH, but after coming to Williams College, has lived for almost fifty years in the Berkshire Hills, the bulk of it in the Lanesborough farmhouse pictured above, with horses for his closest neighbors.

After 17 years running Either/Or Bookstore in Pittsfield MA, for the past 20 years he has been buying books and programming films for the Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, while writing and editing for a variety of clients.

Books, films, and museums are his primary interests, with a strong secondary interest in sports.  While his ballplaying days are far behind him, he maintains a fanatical attachment to his hometown teams, the Indians and Cavaliers, and the basketball Ephs of his alma mater.

For more than a dozen years, his particular area of study has been the antebellum era in the North, revolving around the twin poles of New York City newspapers and the literary world of Concord and Boston, with special attention to reform movements and utopian communities.

Living near the entrance to Mount Greylock Reservation, the largest and highest state park in Massachusetts, Steve emulates the namesake of this blog in being an inveterate walker amongst its woods, hills, and streams, while also flâneuring around city streets, mostly in the Northeast.

While family and friends figure prominently in these pages, Steve privileges privacy amongst his close relations, so they appear here mostly by first name or initials, to maintain some anonymity, and only in their public personae.

Steve may be contacted at:  ssatullo@clarkart.edu