On such a winter’s day

Welcome to my newest blog, where I will make occasional posts laden with pictures and links – regarding travel or other public themes – and archive selected personal essays – more literary and permanent.

My “Cuyahoga Dreamin'” post was delayed till I could put together all the elements of this website, so it’s rather retrospective as this point, as it’s barely a month till Spring Training resumes and the Cleveland Indians make another run at the World Series (with heavy hitter Edwin Encarnacion on board!).

For those who care about such things, the Chief Wahoo shirt and hat you see pictured below are now on their way to the Museum of Jim Crow, along with other racist memorabilia.  For Christmas, my son Nat gave me a Tribe t-shirt with the inoffensive Block C logo, so now I can celebrate my hometown team without denigrating Native Americans.

For Berkshire Dreamin’, see the header above, with a summertime view of the house from which this blog emerges, and three of the twenty houyhnhnms that are my closest neighbors.   I’m afraid today’s midwinter view would not be nearly as appealing.

But I invite you to return to this blog in any season.

Author: Steve

Steve Satullo grew up in Cleveland OH, attended Williams College, and has spent the rest of his life in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. Ran Either/Or Bookstore for 17 years, and has been affiliated with Clark Art Institute ever since, so definitely qualifies as a book (plus film and museum) person, but has always self-identified primarily as a writer and editor, now with four blogs active.

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